• “Lola was a true source of inspiration, positivity and knowledge for me. I opted for 3 sessions to help find clarity and direction in my career. From our first encounter, Lola put me at ease (and even kindly gave me some interview tips before I'd even enquired about her coaching services!). The whole coaching process, from start to finish, was well thought out, thorough and professional. Through Lola's expertise, she guided me to reach my own decisions, never pushing ideas on me. She strategically assigned tasks each session, tailored to my personal situation, to get me thinking about what I valued most from my next career move. This meant we made the most of each session and also gave me actionable tasks for the week ahead. Lola allowed me the space to forge my own path, only giving me the relevant tools to do so. She has a real knack for knowing when and how far to push, which allowed me to face up to my own truths. Her methodical approach paired with her expertise have enabled me to knock down any negative self-beliefs I had, allowing me to feel the fear and do it anyway! I started our sessions at an extremely low point, having been through a huge period of personal stress, and Lola was nurturing, supportive and motivational. I have left my 3 sessions (a mere 3 weeks later) with a sustained positivity and newly found confidence in my skills, abilities and experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services and will likely return to her myself in the future for more guidance and expertise. Thank you for everything, Lola!”
    Emily Munday
    UX Designer // Service Designer // Agile, Tech Startup & SaaS Experience // Illustration Graduate
  • “Lola's coaching provided clarity to those areas of my role that I enjoy and those that I find challenging. She was patient, prepared and pragmatic to the ramblings of a mid career man and has provided a foundation to move forward with purpose. Thank you so much Lola.”
    Stephen Piper
    Analyst and QA Manager at Charities Aid Foundation
  • I contacted Lola in Linkedin and from the very first time she was willing to help me. We met several times to talk about my job expectations and she saw on me a potential i couldn't. With her help i wrote the perfect curriculum to master my candidatures and gave me great guidelines to put into practice in my interviews and cover letters. I recommend Lola if you need help to do a change in your career and boost it.
    Ana Sánchez Isidoro
    Outstanding copywriting for your global audience in Spanish & English | Translation | Content creation | Copywriting
  • Lola's coaching expertise and techniques helped me navigate an important professional crossroad. Targeted questions brought the true issues to light, visualizations assisted me in concretely identifying the concepts and work I wanted to pursue , and action items/plans ensured I was taking the right steps to achieve these goals. Lola is easy to work with, professional and supportive throughout the process.
    Elysabeth Fischer
    Transformational Coach
  • Lola gave me some fantastic advice when I was job hunting, out of the goodness of her heart. She is very knowledgeable & thinks outside of the box. Thank you so much Lola.
    Danielle Lewis
    ITIL V3 | Delivery Manager | Defence | Cyber Security
  • “Lola is a kind and knowledgeable career coach who has been willing to give me advice on my career search without reward to herself. The information was excellent and has really helped me to move forward and boost my confidence. She is very caring and efficient, I would highly recommend her.”
    Mary Mulligan
    Office Manager at The Food Barn Ltd
  • “Lola was indispensable for me at a point when I didn't know where to turn or what to do in my job search. She gave me great advice that worked wonders and I feel helped me get to the place I am in now with my career, which is in a position that I have been trying to land for 4 months. She's responsive, friendly and knows what she's talking about. I couldn't recommend her any more highly.”
    Steven Dorsey
    Copywriter-I write copy to get YOU noticed!!!
  • “Lola and I had a coaching session together a few weeks ago as I was struggling with moving forward with my business. I loved her ease and capacity to understand the background of my complex situation. She is empathetic and an amazing listener! Also, Lola is full of resources and ready to share those. The day after the session she sent me a very detailed email with the summary of each point we discussed during the session and some ideas to join a new women in business networking group, together with a reminder to follow-up with her at the end of the month on how I was reaching my goals. While I am not sure if I can continue to have more sessions due to my financial situation, she certainly is worth the time and money spent to work with her. I highly recommend her as a career coach to anyone seeking clarity and tools to step forward in their work and changes they wish to make!”
    Lilly Vercellotti
    Women Redefinition Coach | Relocation Consultant | International | Bilingual Italian English | Motivational Speaker | ACC
  • “I participated in Lola's 30 day career change program (online). I was looking to find out what really made me feel happy and iron out my values and needs. I found the tasks and structure of the course to be really helpful and Lola was there to support me every step of that way. She is fantastic at getting to the core of what you want and pushes you to answer all those hard questions. It wasn't easy by any means, be prepared to dig deep and spend time reflecting over who you are and what you want. BUT the results are so positive and I found the confidence to go after a long time dream I never thought I could pursue. Lola helps break things down so they don't feel overwhelming and makes it all seem totally doable! So if you need someone to help push you to take that step I would highly recommend signing up to her next course. Life is too short to waste on something you're not passionate about!”
    Sophie Simmons
    Executive Producer & Project Manager
  • “After having my new job contract cancelled due to COVID-19 I decided that I wanted to take some time to clarify the direction for my career before jumping into something new. I came across the 30 Day Career Change Programme on LinkedIn and decided to sign up as I have found Lola's posts very valuable and insightful in the past. I have worked with many career coaches in the past, and taken part in countless self-discovery exercises, but this programme really is different to anything I have ever done before. The programme itself is thoughtful, detailed and strategic, forcing you to really dig deep to establish your passions, goals and how this relates to your career choices. The initial tasks focus on all aspects of finding your ideal career, taking into consideration personality, values, skills, priorities and experiences. The next steps turn ideas into action; covering research, networking and job applications. It covers literally every step from exploration through to execution. For me, there were two big differentiators that made this special. The programme consisted of clearly defined actionable daily tasks, ensuring it became part of my daily routine and adding an accountability factor. I also loved that the programme is run as a group, it added a huge sense of community and support, as we were all going through a similar journey. Our weekly zoom calls were great, where the group came together to help uncover any struggles and cheer for any successes. The real gem however is Lola herself. She is amazingly knowledgeable, supportive and motivating, and was available any time to answer questions and help when I hit a wall. She has a real gift for breaking down limiting-beliefs and encouraging people to flourish. This programme has made me realise what I really want from the next chapter of my life, and more importantly given me the confidence to dive in to create something that was previously just a dream. For anyone looking to gain some clarity and direction, or in a job where you feel unfulfilled, you need to join this programme. You will discover new things about yourself, and have confidence that you can live a life that you truly love!”
    Rea George
    Making The Complex Simple | Communications Manager | Marketing & Events Operations
  • “Lola saved my sanity! I got made redundant during the pandemic and like so many of us, I did some soul-searching. Am I in the right job? Is it really for me? Should I change?... all of those questions which I was just so sure about a few months earlier. Having talked to Lola she helped me to get clarity and focus on my future. Identify what I am good at and what I am passionate about. Knowing how to move forward and get my mojo back. Thank you Lola! As I said, you really saved my sanity!”
    Ann Taylor PMP
    Senior IT Change Specialist at Bupa
  • “Lola is super professional in everyway. The 30 day programme was very useful to me. I learned a lot about myself and what careers are best for me. Highly recommended!”
    Yuen Mery Lo
    Customer-Focus Professional
  • “I can’t recommend Lola enough. From first contact to last she provided a great service. Lola provided me with and made me realise how many qualities I have and how proud I should be of what I’ve achieved. It was a real confidence boaster and one sorely needed. Her help with my CV and LinkedIn as showed immediate dividends in such a tricky market which I know means it is working. Do make contract with Lola her help is invaluable. Thanks Lola!”
    Adam Cheal
    Product Manager at Ideagen Plc
  • “Lola's 30 day Career Programme was fab! She created a safe environment in the group to speak openly and honestly. The programme helped me to better understand myself and what was holding me back from decision making in my career. I have since started a new role in a completely different industry, Lola made this possible!”
    Rebecca Claxton
  • “Lola has a very upbeat and supportive style and used her experience to guide me to follow my heart into the world of consultancy - a big decision! I value her honesty around the inevitable ups and downs of this working style and the fact that she equipped me with tools and techniques that have stood me in very good stead. Many thanks Lola - it was great working with you”
    Gemma Thompson
    Head of Corporate Engagement at CityFibre
  • “I have had Personal Trainers over the years to focus on my fitness but I haven't really invested in a Career Coach before. Having seen various posts from Lola, I was intrigued so after having an intro call, I felt it was the right time to work with a coach. I won't lie - it was challenging at times but in a good way. Lola encouraged me to take time to think about my career, what I liked/didn't like, what skills and strengths I have and what did a future role for me look like. In today's climate, it can be easy to dive straight into job searching but by taking a few weeks out and working with Lola, my confidence is back and I am genuinely excited about the future. If you are at a crossroads, need a boost or just want to take stock, I would thoroughly recommend Lola.”
    Nicola Langley
    Head of Customer Experience | Leadership & Mentoring | Budget Planning | Journey Mapping | Stakeholder Management | Business Transformation
  • “I was recommended to Lola when I was made redundant and signed up for three sessions to help find clarity about my next steps. From our first introductory meeting, she put me at ease. At the start of our sessions, I hadn’t realised the stress I had been under and Lola picked up on this immediately and was extremely supportive. She helped me through this and used it to help me to identify things that are important/key to me in my career, which I hadn’t realised before. I have no hesitation in recommending her services and would return to her if needed again.”
    Jane Gayton PMP
    Program Lead Blue Earth Diagnostics | Project Management | Program Management
  • I've just completed a career coaching course with Lola. In today's world and the current market, it's more important than ever to invest in "Brand You". This isn't something I've ever really had to think about before, so I really needed the help and guidance, which Lola brilliantly and patiently provided, in order to have clearer view of what my next role may be. Really glad I made this investment and would happily recommend Lola to anyhow who is at a career crossroads at the moment, no matter what your reason is for being there in the first place.
    Nicola Murphy
    New Retail Concepts | E-commerce | Digital | Leadership | Programme Management | Product Manager
  • I attended one of Lola's '30 Day Career Change Programmes' during 2020. As a Career Coach she really challenged my thought processes, and compelled me to engage with a lot of critical thinking during the programme. She was great listener and communicator and had the experience to decipher the level of change I required in my career. Lola's tutoring most definitely helped me make the correct decision for my career, and I owe her a wealth of gratitude for that.
    John Smyth
    Cost Manager at PMcK Ltd
  • “I had the opportunity and honour to have Lola as my career coach last year. I enrolled in her four weeks coaching programme. It was important that I need some more stability and confidence during a period of crisis and uncertainties. I can attest that Lola is highly professional, cares very much about her clients, and keeps serving the community at large - I keep enjoying reading her posts. Apart from her great love and passion for her job as a career coach, one of her key strengths is consistency, which I would also love to develop further.”
    Francesco Paolo Palazzo
    Assistant Manager at LHA London
  • Lola helped to enhance my CV. The sessions with her made me to realise about my achievements and be more aware about my skills and possibilities. She encouraged me to take new steps in my career. I feel so grateful to have met her!! Thank you so much Lola!!
    Dyalah Pilar Ortega Montes
    EVENTS COORDINATOR / COMMERCIAL / PUBLIC RELATIONS with 9 years experience in communications and international environments