Are you ready to make a change?

Here's how we can work together to get you moving towards your career goals.

8 Week Career Transformation Programme

If you've been having serious doubts about your career and are ready to commit to finally finding out what you want and how go out there and get it, this programme is for you!

Work with me 1:1 over 8 weeks and I'll help you to create a career that you love!

Discover what's been holding you back from getting your dream job, what you love and are passionate about, what your unique skills are, what's important to you in your career, and what job is going to make you feel motivated, inspired, and challenged every day!

Once you're 100% clear on what you want to do, we'll work on your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile so that your unique marketing tools are a great reflection of you, your achievements, and what you want from your next role. I'll also teach you how to get employers and recruiters coming to you, so your job search will be focussed and targeted to exactly what you want and will bring you the results you need.

You'll also learn everything you need to know to fully prepare for any interview that comes your way and a mock interview session will make sure you're on fire and presenting your best self when the opportunity arises!

We'll have weekly 1:1 career coaching sessions over Zoom and you will also be given exercises to complete in between sessions which will help you to dig deeper with your thinking and reveal what you truly want. My expertise in asking the right questions will get you thinking about your career in a whole different way and you'll be amazed at how I can help you to finally find what you want from your career!

If you're ready to make the changes that you've wanted for so long, book in for an initial FREE career consultation and let's get you your dream job!

Interview Coaching

If you're getting to interview stage but find that's where it all falls down or if it's been a while since you've had a job interview and you know you need some support, it's time to book in for some interview coaching!

You'll get two sessions of coaching to help you to fully prepare for any interview that comes your way in the future and learn how to take your unique experience, knowledge, and skills and give the interview panel exactly what they need to increase your chances of hearing "You've got the job!".

We'll also do a full mock interview session where, once you're fully prepared, I'll interview you and give you in-depth feedback that will help you to improve and develop your interview skills so you're confident and primed for your next, and hopefully last job interview!

If this sounds like the support you need, book in for a FREE initial career consultation!