Imagine how it would feel to be in your ideal career. To wake up every day and feel inspired and motivated to do what you are about to do. 

How would you know if you had arrived at your destination, as it were?

Here are some thoughts for today to help you to think about what it is that you want to feel and have in your ideal career:

  • Are you happy at your current workplace? Can you see yourself working in an office for the rest of your life? If yes, great.  If no, where else could you see yourself working?
  • Do you have an easy commute to get to work? Or are you regularly stuck in traffic or squashed up like a sardine on the train? Would you prefer to work remotely from home?
  • Do you work in a team or are you mostly on your own? Do you like working like that? If not, what would you change?
  • Do you have a lot of contact with customers and clients? If yes, do you like that? If no, would like more or less customer contact?
  • Do you travel a lot for work? Or are you mainly office based? What do you like or dislike about that?
  • Do you feel proud when you tell people about your job and the company you work for? If no, what is it that comes to mind that you don’t like?
  • Do you feel challenged and passionate in your career? Do you have the right level of pressure in your job or is it too much?

And the list could go on, but what is important in designing your ideal career and finding out what makes you tick is your answers to these questions and any others that you feel are deal breakers for you.

If you have some spare time this week, maybe you could try pondering over these questions and see what your initial reactions are to them.  There are no right or wrong answers here, but if you find that some of your answers contradict what you are doing now, maybe it’s time to change.

About the author: Hey there! I’m Lola Brocklesby, founder of Viva Career Coaching and I love helping people who are striving for more in their career finally find a career that they love.  If that’s you, please get in touch.